5 Fashionable Brunch Spots in Paris

Paris brunch
A veggie burger at Le Dépanneur

Paris has always been synonymous with good eats, but most travelers don’t know that brunch is fast becoming the “it” trend of the City of Light. So fast, in fact, that the French, notorious for extreme loyalty to their language, haven’t had time to create their own word for the meal (one simply uses the “Frenchified” bruncher). Here are some of the trendiest spots of the moment for Paris brunch.

Le Bal Café

In the mood for British fare? (After all, the British coined the expression “brunch”). Housed in a former dance-hall turned photo exhibition space, Le Bal Café serves up such English classics including Kippers, Kedgeree, and Welsh Rarebit, as well as some of the best coffee in the city. The space is small but cozy despite its stark decor. Weather permitting, you can also sit outside on the quiet traffic-free terrasse.  Be prepared for a wait, or use it as an opportunity to wander the 300 square meter gallery space. Highly recommended for Paris brunch. 6 impasse de la Défense, 18ème arrondissement

Paris brunch
British fare at Le Bal Café


Café Pinson

Vegetarian and vegan travelers will rejoice in the offerings at this stylish Haut-Marais establishment. Spacious and bright with bare brick walls, the space feels as clean as it’s health-conscious food. The pre-fixe menu may be expensive but the vegan nutella and butter are certainly worth the price in this Paris brunch spot. Reservations recommended. 6 rue du Forez, 3ème arrondissement

Le Dépanneur

Le Dépanneur is one of the newest restaurants to grace the hip SoPi (South of Pigalle) neighborhood. With a menu created by the trendy Parisian food truck La Cantine California, the food is, not surprisingly, American-style. Brunch options include blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup, huevos rancheros, and an extensive list of burgers (among them an excellent veggie version). You’ll dine among wood-paneling and cacti which lend themselves well to the California vibe. 27 Rue Pierre Fontaine, 9ème arrondissement

Paris brunch
The brunch menu at Le Dépanneur


Located on the Quai d’Austerlitz, this über chic restaurant provides the perfect jumping off point for exploring the new Cité de la Mode et du Design, which is just steps away. The menu changes seasonally, as do the chefs, and this fall the restaurant welcomes celebrity chef Christophe Pelé. Wanderlust may be the place to see and be seen in this formerly industrial quarter. 32 Quai d’Austerlitz, 13ème arrondissement

Le Café des Chats

If you’re looking to brunch while paying for feline affection, look no further than Le Café des Chats. Inspired by the cat bars that have popped up all over Japan, Le Café des Chats is the first of its kind in Paris. The menu will incline toward fresh, local, and organic ingredients, and the human and furry staff are certain to be welcoming. 16 rue Michel Le Comte, 3ème arrondissement