A Guide to Green London

On a recent visit to the newly open Savoy Hotel, I picked up a copy of a handy map of London.  Far from being the traditional tool to navigate the city, this handy document is designed to help visitors be more environmentally conscious when visiting London.

Where to eat a delicious meal that is also locally sourced? Why not try Natural Kitchen, a food emporium and cafe that focuses on organic, seasonal produce.  Or  the Duke of Cambridge (very appropriate now that Prince William has been given the same title!) the first and only gastropub to be certified by  the Soil Association. They serve delicious food carefully sourced from independent producers, while keeping their food miles super-low. In fact, 80% of the fresh produce comes from the Home Counties.

How can you be green and travel around London? First of all, walk! London is a very walkable city, and is traveling on foot, you get to really experience the city. Secondly, use public transportation. If you are up for a little bit of exercise, why not pick up one of the Barclays Bikes?  They are available across London and they are perfect for the sunny summer days.

If you are trying to steer away from busy monuments and want to see a different side of London, why not visit the Canal Museum– entirely dedicated to the history of London’s canals and their ecology. Or you could venture out to Kew to visit the world famous Kew Gardens– a centre dedicated to saving plants and habitats and fighting climate change through research.

And finally, where should an environmentally friendly traveler stay? London can offer many possibilities for the green traveler, being one of the more advanced cities in the world in the terms of green hospitality. So here are some suggestions: stay in an apartment- we love onefinestay and their unique properties. Staying in an apartment allows you to cook and experience the city like a local.

If you prefer the luxury of a hotel, no worries! The Savoy hotel offers the first green package in London, complete with Green Butler and green tour. For a more budget friendly options, Base2Stay is a small boutique hotel in South Kensington. The hotel recycles over 80% and all base2stay rooms and suites are equipped with mini-kitchens with microwave, sink, kettle and fridge, encouraging guests to bring in food from local grocery stores and delivery restaurants, without any hotel mark-up.

Where can you buy local, seasonal food? London is graced with many farmers markets. Our favorite at the moment is Maltby Street market, open every saturday from 9AM to 2PM. Here you can find biodynamically grown vegetables, farmhouse cheeses from the British Isles and much more.

Sounds good? You can pick up your own copy of the map here: http://www.greentraveller.co.uk/files/green-london.pdf