A Hidden Gem of Architecture: Quartiere Coppedè

Off the tourist track of the Eternal City near the Via Salaria (one of the main artillery roads coming into Rome that follows the path of the ancient Roman road of the same name) is the strange neighborhood of the Quartiere Coppedè. The creative mind behind its design was Gino Coppedè, a Tuscan architect, and it is by his name that this tiny quartiere is known.

The center of the Quartiere Coppedè is Piazza Mincio and at its center is the Fontana delle Rane. Surrounding the piazza are buildings that are well known for their architectural variety that brings together many different styles in a pasticche that is quite striking. Coppedè drew his inspiration from sources as diverse as ancient Rome (arches, cornices, travertine), from Medieval architecture, and from cinema (for example, the arch leading into the entrance of the building at n. 2 is a direct quotation from the 1914 film Cabiria).

The numerous architectural features of the Villino delle Fate (n. 3), of the Villino degli Ambasciatori (n. 1), and of the so-called Villino del Ragno (n. 4), as well as the overall impression that the complex gives you, makes a visit well worth it for lovers of twentieth-century architecture.

The Quartiere Coppedè is located on Via Tagliamento and Via Tanaro one block from Piazza Buenos Aires. You can get to Quartiere Coppedè by taking the number 30 bus from Termini or from the number 19 tram that leaves from Piazza Risorgimento.


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