Apartments in Florence

We have always been advocates of apartment rentals as a great way to experience a city like a local while traveling. While it may not be for everyone, apartments can be a wonderful method to create a new “home” while on the road and to really ingrain yourself into the urban fabric. Today we have invited Sally from Apartments in Florence, which has over 100 properties in the city, to share a bit about why one might choose to rent an apartment and some of the benefits.

Context: What are some of the benefits of staying in an apartment versus a traditional hotel?
Apartments Florence: One of the greatest advantages of staying in an apartment as compared to a hotel is being provided the extra comforts of home that you do not find at most hotels. In an apartment you are afforded such luxuries as a kitchen, a washing machine, and most often a living room where you can spread out and relax during your down time. The simple acts of being able to make a cup of coffee and breakfast while still in your robe or to wash and iron clothes during your trip can make traveling much easier and more pleasurable.

C: What areas of Florence do you recommend people stay in if they’d like to get a true sense of Florentine life but still want to be central to the sites?
AF: One of the nicest things about Florence is its size. You can stay anywhere in the city and easily walk to all of the different areas to get a feel for the neighborhoods. Santa Croce and the Oltrarno are two unique neighborhoods where you can get a good sense of daily Florentine life while still being centrally located. In Santa Croce you are close enough to the Duomo, but also very close to Piazza Beccaria, which is a vibrant local shopping and dining area. The Oltrarno (literally meaning across the Arno) is home to neighborhoods such as Santo Spirito, one of the most Florentine neighborhoods in the city. It is home to countless artists, sculptors and antique furniture studios, not to mention a good number of restaurants favored by locals.

C: Do you recommend apartment rentals for families?
AF: Apartments are the best way for a family to stay when traveling together. Traveling with the entire family can be tiring and at times wear on everyone’s nerves. In an apartment you are allowed that extra space to spread out and get a good night sleep in separate bedrooms and beds, instead of trying to fit everyone into one hotel room. You can relax and put on a movie in the living room, or make snacks at home instead of always running out to grab supplies. Staying with such freedom can alleviate much of the stress that traveling with an entire family can often cause.

C: Some travelers worry about the condition of the apartments they rent. How do you ensure the quality of your apartments?
AF: We understand the concerns about renting an apartment you have only ever seen online. But as owners, or friends of the owners, of these apartments, we have an invested interest in making sure all of the apartments meet your expectations and are places that we ourselves would want to stay while on vacation. Additionally, upon each check-out we ask guests for their recommendations and suggestions on how to improve the guest experience and work to make sure those suggestions are completed. We also continuously ask guests for their reviews and comments to post with each listing on our Web site.

To view apartments by area and type, browse the Apartments Florence website.

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