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3 April 2014

Daytrip from Barcelona: Hidden Girona

Looking for day-trip to escape the bustling barris of Barcelona? Girona may be just the ticket.


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27 September 2013

Revamping Stonehenge: The Environmental Improvement Project

Learn about some new changes happening at Stonehenge, and how they will affect visitors to the site.


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4 June 2013

Why You Should Skip San Gimignano: 3 Alternate Excursions

We tell you why you should think about skipping San Gimignano, Pompeii, and Siracusa during your next trip to Italy.


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26 April 2013

Ancient Rome Rediscovered

Ancient Rome is more than just the Colosseum, see some of our favorite sites and artifacts.


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The Arch of Constantine gets most of the attention, but only 10 minutes away lies the Arch of Septimius Severus, at the far end of the Roman Forum. Like many ancient Roman structures that dot the city, this arch owes its great state of preservation to the fact that it had been incorporated into a Christian church, another example of the city's continuous recycling of structures.

22 February 2013

Slideshow: Inside Naples

Get an insider’s view on Naples, one of our favorite Italian cities.


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As Italy's third largest city, Naples can be an underrated venue for tourists.  Our Naples Welcome Kit helps unravel the city for visitors, giving inside tips on how to tackle one of Italy's most vibrant cities.

10 February 2013

Guest Post: Introducing the Sustainable Preservation Initiative

Former docent Rebekah Junkermeier introduces us to the Sustainable Preservation Initiative.


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Bandurria Pyramids

11 December 2012

Travel Tuesday: Transformative Experiences

Petulia Melideo, Context’s marketing and London manager, has been with us since the beginning. Here she shares just one of the unique client experiences that makes her work rewarding


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Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 11.24.19 AM

4 July 2012

Discovering Edinburgh with an archaeologist: meet Coinneach Maclean

Discover the history and traditions of Edinburgh through the words of our docents, Coinneach Maclean, as he takes us on a journey along the Scottish archaeological landscape.


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17 June 2012

Rome’s treasures off the beaten path: Santa Maria in Via Lata

The ancient Via Lata, of which the modern Via del Corso retraces the route, was the urban part of the…


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fresco crypta Via Lata

31 March 2012

Ostia With Kids

 We love Ostia Antica, the ancient port of Rome just 25 kilometers outside the city. Partly this is because it…


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Ostia tour with Kids

30 September 2011

Classical Rome walk

  Yesterday, I joined Rome docent Rebekah Junkermeier for our Classical Rome walking seminar. Here are a couple of take…


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Classical Rome

6 June 2011

Tivoli: A Perfect Summer Daytrip from Rome

Tivoli makes a perfect day trip from Rome, especially during the summer months. Scholars from Context Travel talk a bit more about why tourists should make a visit to Hadrian’s Villa and the Villa D’Este.


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25 May 2011

Afghanistan at the British Museum

A review of the Afghanistan exhibition at the British Museum


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21 March 2011


Today is my final day in Rome. The experience is bitter sweet because I have grown to really love this…


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18 March 2011

Underground Jenga

Imagine being in the oldest building in your city that you walk past everyday because it’s not modern. Now imagine…


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2 March 2011

The Best of Hidden, Underground Rome

A list of our favorite hidden, underground spaces in Rome that are well-worth discovering.


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Visitors during a Context Travel tour to the Jewish Catacombs in Rome.