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24 March 2014

Five Reasons To Visit Greenwich…and Maybe Skip the London Eye

Skip the more conventional sites in London and venture out to the green oasis of Greenwich.


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Canaletto. 'A View of Greenwich from the River'  (Tate, London)

1 March 2014

Philadelphia: Five Reasons to Skip the Liberty Bell

Philadelphia is more than the Liberty Bell for those wanting to delve into American history. Our docent give their list of what to visit in lieu of the crowded monument.


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Photo courtesy of

12 February 2014

Romantic Passageways of Paris

The unique covered passageways of Paris are a perfect place for a romantic stroll, in the chilly month of February.


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Passage de l’Ancre (223 rue Saint-Martin - 30 rue Turbigo 75003)

5 January 2014

Papal Crest Symbolism in Rome

Ever wondered why the grand Palazzo Barberini is decorated with bees? We share the secrets of Papal Crests in Rome.


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Palazzo Farnese

8 November 2013

Did You Know? 9 Facts to Celebrate the London Tube’s 150th Anniversary

As the London Tube turns 150, we look at some fun, quirky facts about its history and use, past and present.


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23 October 2013

The Cotswolds in a Day

Curious about visiting the Cotswolds? Here’s our advice on how to plan a day in the area.


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cotswolds 1

23 September 2013

Rome Architecture 101

Our guest blogger from gives a crash course in the different periods of Rome’s architecture.


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Roman Architecture

16 September 2013

Prague’s Historic Cafés

Learn more about the history behind Prague’s historic cafés


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Built in 1902, the Cafe Louvre boasts Karel Capek, Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein among its former patrons. Adopted by the city’s literary movers and shakers as a makeshift office in 1912, the cafe later extended its premises with a jazz club and wine cellar. In 1948, the venue was ransacked by communist forces and lay unused until the early 90s when it underwent a painstaking renovation to restore it to its former glory.

10 September 2013

Foreign Perspectives on Contemporary Parisian Architecture

Paris has always been a leader in architectural innovation. Let’s take a closer look at newly built structures by foreign architects.


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20 August 2013

A New Way to (Re)Discover London

Think you know London? Think again. We have some off the beaten path experiences to share with you.


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London Bridge

4 August 2013

Quirky Amsterdam, Fascinating Facts

Learn some of the quirky facts behind Context’s newest city – Amsterdam.


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Water wars

25 June 2013

Prague’s Metro Designs

We explore the architecture and design of Prague’s metro stations.


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17 June 2013

Summer at Blenheim Palace

Kevin Childs helps us discover the history of Blenheim Palace, as well as some of the best summer events taking place on the grounds.


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Grand Bridge, Blenheim Palace

(c) Bill Tyne

31 May 2013

Villas of Middlesex, An Oasis in London

Visit the English countryside less than an hour outside of central London? Quite possible with our new excursion to the Villas of Middlesex.


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Chiswick House

24 May 2013

Spotlight on the Seaport District, South Boston

Summer is arriving and we would love to show you one of our favorite outdoor destinations, the Seaport district in Boston.


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One of our favorite ways to explore the Seaport and South Boston neighborhoods is by strolling the Boston Harbor Walk, which covers over 39 miles of the city's waterfront. Although there are many ways to cross the Four Points Channel from Boston's downtown into the form industrial waterfront,  the Old Northern Bridge  remains the most historic and atmospheric.

20 May 2013

Kyoto in Pictures

Get introduced to Context’s newest city, Kyoto, with our slideshow.


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Ryoan-ji Temple