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11 July 2014

Docent Spotlight: Vassilios Dalamagas

This month we spotlight Athens’ docent and historian Vassilios Dalamagas, who shares his love of his city and Greek history with us.


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Athens docent and historian Vassilios Dalamagas

8 December 2013

Context’s Ultimate Gift Guide

Ready for the holidays?  So are we!  We’ve surveyed our docents and city managers across the world to put together…


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31 July 2013

Greek Cuisine, Lessons in Sustainability

Sustainable cuisine comes naturally to the Greeks. We share some ways the Greek diet supports eating locally.


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greek cuisine

13 March 2013

Practical Facts: How to Tip When Abroad

Our guide to tipping across our European and Asian cities is full of surprises.


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Parisian cafe

26 February 2013

Four Myths of the Greek Crisis

We sit down with a local economist to discuss common myths of the Greek crisis and our new walking tour in Athens.


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Gathering in front of the Parliament Building at Syntagma Square

10 May 2012

Olympic Flame started its journey

Learning the story behind the Olympic torch.


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Olympic Flame for the London 2012 Games is lit in Ancient Olympia

8 May 2012

Is Greece safe? What you need to know about the Greek protests:

The Greek debt crisis has drawn a lot of attention in the media in the past two years, and this…


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Athens guard

27 March 2012

Memorable meals around Europe

Six memorable meals and snacks in six different cities.


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21 February 2012

Photo of the day: the things I love about Athens

Few things we love about Athens


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14 February 2012

Summer Camp in Paris

Learn about our new Summer Camp program. How it works and how you could take advantage of it!


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31 January 2012

Off the Beaten Path: Tours in the Public Interest

At Context, our philosophy has always been about promoting and protecting the cultural heritage in each of the cities in…


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17 August 2011

Island Stories: Cooking with Kea Artisanal in the Cyclades

    Although we love the city of Athens, sometimes it’s good to get out. One of our favorite destinations…


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Fresh fish at Kea cooking school

1 July 2011

Inherently Simple: Diane Kochilas’ Food Adventures in Athens

Chef, author, and restaurant consultant Diane Kochilas is one of top figures in the Greek culinary world. A native New…


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food tour for athens

1 June 2011

Daily Life of Others

A selection of walks help visitors understand the daily life of people in cities like Rome, Venice, Athens and London


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26 March 2011

Context Travel Launches Mobility Program

Context Travel announces the launch of its Mobility Program, dedicated to accessible travel.


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9 February 2011

Hot New Walks for 2011

We count down our list of Hot New Walk for 2011 across all Context cities.


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Daily Life in Ancient Athens