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5 August 2015

Exploring the Great Wall of China

So large in scope, we break down the different sections of the Great Wall of China and what they have to offer.


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Blue skies over the Great Wall of China

25 November 2014

Practical Facts: Understanding Beijing Pollution

Concerned about pollution in Beijing? We separate fact from fiction and give our best advice for why pollution fears shouldn’t make you skip a visit to China’s capital.


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Blue skies over Tiananmen Square

19 September 2014

How to Use Transport in Beijing

We break down the best ways to traverse Beijing during your next visit.


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10 June 2014

How to Tour the Top Sites Around the Globe

From Beijing to Berlin, from Rome to Istanbul, we’ve pooled our collective local knowledge to put together definitive guides on how to tour some of the top sites around the globe.


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The more than 8 million visitors annually, the Forbidden City is Beijing's most touristed site. 

Top tip: Avoid weekend and holiday visits, particularly October 1-3 (China’s National Day is Oct. 1), when the Forbidden City is at its most crowded as visitors also flock from China’s countryside to take in the site.

10 April 2014

Practical Facts: How to Visit a Temple

Here’s our guide to how to visit temples and shrines in China and Japan.


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18 March 2014

Exploring Liulichang

Beijing docent Claire Cuccio shares the secrets of Luilichang, a thriving enclave of artisan culture close to the Forbidden City.


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18 February 2014

10 Favorite Books Set in Beijing

Looking to learn more about Beijing’s history? Discover our top ten books about China’s capital city.


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Midnight in Peking

25 January 2014

Ringing in the Year of the Horse

As we begin the Year of the Horse, we share some history and background on how Chinese New Year is celebrated in China.


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17 January 2014

Welcome to 2014

Co-founder and owner Paul Bennett talks a bit about what’s in store for Context Travel in 2014.


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8 December 2013

Context’s Ultimate Gift Guide

Ready for the holidays?  So are we!  We’ve surveyed our docents and city managers across the world to put together…


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20 November 2013

In Focus: Forbidden City in Numbers

What numbers tell a story in the Forbidden City?


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Forbidden City

28 August 2013

Practical Facts: Shopping in China

Shopping in China? Learn what to buy and what to skip.


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22 June 2013

Berlin and Beijing, Contemporary Art Cities

What makes Berlin and Beijing two capitals of contemporary art? Our docents help us find the answer.


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Exploring Beijing's 798 art district. (c) Alessandro Gloder

3 April 2013

10 Tips for Dining in China Like a Local

Follow our tips and dine like a local in China.


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Experiment with regional cuisines, like Sichuan.

13 March 2013

Practical Facts: How to Tip When Abroad

Our guide to tipping across our European and Asian cities is full of surprises.


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Parisian cafe

17 December 2012

Beijing in Pictures

Enjoy this stunning slideshow of Beijing and take yourself into the Chinese capital even before you arrive.


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Lama Temple