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24 May 2013

Spotlight on the Seaport District, South Boston

Summer is arriving and we would love to show you one of our favorite outdoor destinations, the Seaport district in Boston.


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One of our favorite ways to explore the Seaport and South Boston neighborhoods is by strolling the Boston Harbor Walk, which covers over 39 miles of the city's waterfront. Although there are many ways to cross the Four Points Channel from Boston's downtown into the form industrial waterfront,  the Old Northern Bridge  remains the most historic and atmospheric.

17 February 2013

In Focus: Presidential Trivia

Test your American history knowledge with our presidential trivia.


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Context President's Day Trivia

8 August 2012

Summer Evenings in the City

Late summer can be a tough time to visit the city. The pavement and buildings can trap the heat making…


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Evening Walking Tours

14 February 2012

Summer Camp in Paris

Learn about our new Summer Camp program. How it works and how you could take advantage of it!


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31 January 2012

Off the Beaten Path: Tours in the Public Interest

At Context, our philosophy has always been about promoting and protecting the cultural heritage in each of the cities in…


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14 December 2011

African American Meeting House Reopens in Boston

Last week, the African American Meeting House, located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, reopened after a multimillion dollar historic restoration.


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African American Meeting House, Boston

27 October 2011

The Case for Boston (Context City of Literature 2011)

The search for Context’s City of Literature heads back over the Atlantic now, as docent Alex Goldfeld brings us the case for Boston.


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17 June 2011

Best Outdoor Urban Retreats

Some of our favorite city parks to escape to when the heat becomes too much to bear.


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5 May 2011

Cozy Accommodations in Boston

One of our favorite ways to travel is to stay in small inns, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts. We feel…


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Beacon Hill

20 April 2011

Duckling Day

Duckling Day happens each year in Boston


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Duckling Day in Boston

26 March 2011

Context Travel Launches Mobility Program

Context Travel announces the launch of its Mobility Program, dedicated to accessible travel.


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22 February 2011

African American Heritage in Boston

To mark Black History month, we asked Boston docent Alex Goldfeld about the African American experience and heritage in early…


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Prince Hall Memorial

9 February 2011

Hot New Walks for 2011

We count down our list of Hot New Walk for 2011 across all Context cities.


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Daily Life in Ancient Athens

5 February 2011

Philip Guston, Roma at the Phillips Collection

Here in the Context US office, we’re excited to learn that the exhibition Philip Guston, Roma, which was on view…


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14 November 2010

Art of the America’s Wing at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Boston docent Tricia Hastings gives us the inside scoop on the brand new Art of the America’s Wing at MFA…


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6 November 2010

Boston’s Graveyard Guardian: James W. Cole

My most unusual encounter in recent memory has been with a man standing just outside the gates of the Granary…


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