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18 April 2014

Beneath the Crypta Balbi

We interview archeologist and docent Patrizia Sfligiotti about her time digging at Rome’s Crypta Balbi.


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The Crypta Balbi

27 March 2014

Beyond Glass Animals: Handicrafts in Venice

We’ve rounded up three of our favorite forms of Venetian craftsmanship as a testament to the city’s longstanding status as a center of refined, intricate, 100% handmade work.


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Medico della Peste (Plague Doctor) © Thomas Leplus

21 March 2014

Practical Facts: How to Visit a Mosque

Travelers to Istanbul are often hesitant to go inside a mosque, yet there’s no reason not to, which is why we wanted to provide some tips the general etiquette of how to visit a mosque


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Suleymaniye Mosque

18 March 2014

Exploring Liulichang

Beijing docent Claire Cuccio shares the secrets of Luilichang, a thriving enclave of artisan culture close to the Forbidden City.


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12 March 2014

Practical Facts: How to Navigate Budapest

From tipping to taxis, our best advice on how to navigate the Hungarian capital successfully.


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25 February 2014

5 Venetian Painters You Need To Know

We’ve asked art historian Susan Steer to share the 5 Venetian painters you should know before your next visit to the lagoon.


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Giandomenico Tiepolo, Peasant family at table, 1757

27 November 2013

5 Sites to Skip in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is all the rage, but what’s worth visiting and what’s worth skipping? We let you in on the secret.


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8 November 2013

Did You Know? 9 Facts to Celebrate the London Tube’s 150th Anniversary

As the London Tube turns 150, we look at some fun, quirky facts about its history and use, past and present.


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19 October 2013

5 Fashionable Brunch Spots in Paris

Our picks for the trendiest Parisian brunch spots of the moment.


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A veggie burger at Le Dépanneur

16 September 2013

Prague’s Historic Cafés

Learn more about the history behind Prague’s historic cafés


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Built in 1902, the Cafe Louvre boasts Karel Capek, Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein among its former patrons. Adopted by the city’s literary movers and shakers as a makeshift office in 1912, the cafe later extended its premises with a jazz club and wine cellar. In 1948, the venue was ransacked by communist forces and lay unused until the early 90s when it underwent a painstaking renovation to restore it to its former glory.

17 August 2013

History Lesson: Peeling Back Layers of Japanese Culture

Get a peak inside contemporary Japanese culture with anthropologist Troy Fisher-Harper.


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© Context Travel

13 August 2013

Summer Drinks in Paris, Where to Cool Off

Looking for a place to grab a cool drink during your summer trip to Paris? Let us give you our picks.


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photo (5)

4 August 2013

Quirky Amsterdam, Fascinating Facts

Learn some of the quirky facts behind Context’s newest city – Amsterdam.


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Water wars

29 July 2013

Best Beach Trips Outside Rome

As summer heats up, find our suggestions for the best beaches to visit outside of Rome.


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Panoramic view of Santa Marinella beach

22 July 2013

5 Sustainable Shopping Finds in Brooklyn

Docent Chantal Martineau shares her favorite sustainable shopping finds in Brookyln.


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Brooklyn Grange. © Gonzlaught

11 July 2013

Enter a London Photography Contest and Win!

Enter our London photography contest with Instagram and win 2 spaces on a walk!


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London Photography Contest