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15 March 2014

Closing the Circle: Oltrarno Artisans

We talked with two former winners of the Context apprenticeship program in Florence to see how things have come full circle since it began in 2008.


Emily Knight  |  2 Comments


10 February 2013

Guest Post: Introducing the Sustainable Preservation Initiative

Former docent Rebekah Junkermeier introduces us to the Sustainable Preservation Initiative.


Jessica Stewart  |  No Comments

Bandurria Pyramids

14 December 2012

Making an Impact in Our Cities

The Context Foundation grew its investments in cultural heritage and transformative travel 32% in 2012. What’s new for 2013.


Paul Bennett  |  1 Comment

The invitation to Nagar Aziri's shop opening

15 July 2012

Working on Context Mobility Program in Rome

Hi, my name is Kate and last spring I had the opportunity to live and work in Rome, Italy. Working…


Kate Seybold  |  2 Comments

Kate Seybold in Rome

17 June 2012

Rome’s treasures off the beaten path: Santa Maria in Via Lata

The ancient Via Lata, of which the modern Via del Corso retraces the route, was the urban part of the…


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fresco crypta Via Lata

31 January 2012

Off the Beaten Path: Tours in the Public Interest

At Context, our philosophy has always been about promoting and protecting the cultural heritage in each of the cities in…


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22 January 2012

Why We Became a B Corp

Context began as a protest. I love travel. But, to be honest, I hate the travel industry, which is one…


Paul Bennett  |  1 Comment

B Corporations logo

21 March 2011


Today is my final day in Rome. The experience is bitter sweet because I have grown to really love this…


Trevon  |  13 Comments


20 March 2011

Buckets of Money

As Rome fell to the invasions of barbarians, Romans in northeastern Italy fled to a group of marshy islands in…


Trevon  |  5 Comments


19 March 2011

I Feel Like a Foreigner

Today we woke up super early to catch our train to the city of Venezia. I fell asleep on the three hour train ride and as I got off the train I was basically sleep walking. As I walked in to the Fascist built train station, I stumbled upon a beautiful view of the Grand Canal – that woke me right up.


Trevon  |  9 Comments


19 March 2011

Fascist Architecture is So Boring

As my docent Tom said, “There is no Fascist architecture, it’s just architecture during the Fascist period.” The Fascist period…


Trevon  |  4 Comments


18 March 2011

Underground Jenga

Imagine being in the oldest building in your city that you walk past everyday because it’s not modern. Now imagine…


Trevon  |  6 Comments


17 March 2011

The Question and the Answer

Three words – Vatican All Day! My day was filled with golden arches, beautiful frescoes, and 10 foot tall sculptures.


Trevon  |  8 Comments


17 March 2011

The Art of Illusion

Today was just as exhausting as yesterday, but also just as fun. We started our journey at Via de Quirinale…


Trevon  |  8 Comments


15 March 2011

“Beware the Ides of March”

Tre’von’s second day in the city has him standing on history for this historic date.


Trevon  |  12 Comments


14 March 2011

Jetlag Doesn’t Faze Me!

Follow along with the adventures of Tre’von Walker, the winner of the 2011 St. Hope and Context Travel Fellowship as he recounts his first day in Rome.


Trevon  |  10 Comments

Piazza Campidoglio