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Looking for the latest news and updates about the Context Foundation? Check here for announcements, updates, and thoughts about the Context Foundation, be it new Deep Travel causes, interviews, or tours around the world, from Rome to Rio. Frequent travelers should check back for the latest news on where we’re trying to facilitate Deep Travel next, as well as what’s happening in our existing cities. From helping to support the youth of Cartagena’s San Francisco Barrio to updates about our Deep Travel scholarship program, get an inside look behind what the Context Foundation is doing across the globe—or in your home city.

The Context vision is to create an atmosphere—a context, if you will—for curious travelers to engage with local experts; to give them access to places and cultures that might otherwise remain out of sight to the casual visitor; to invite them off the tourist track and into the real life of the people, history, and culture that makes these cultural capitals amazing. In other words, to travel deeper. Deep travel helps build cultural bridges that foster tolerance and understanding. But it doesn’t just change travelers. It changes places, too. Deep Travel connects locals with smart, curious outsiders, making the world a little smaller and a little more connected.

Off the Beaten Path: Tours in the Public Interest

At Context, our philosophy has always been about promoting and protecting the cultural heritage in each of the cities in which we operate. This heritage most familiarly comes in the form of monumental sites such as the Colosseum or iconic…

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