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21 October 2016

Traveling to Thailand After the King’s Death

The news of the death of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej last week shocked the nation. The country has entered a…


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The Grand Palace, Bangkok

18 September 2016

Holocaust Memorials in Berlin, Budapest, and Amsterdam

Three experts in Berlin, Budapest, and Amsterdam share their perspective and insight into several of the most important and haunting Holocaust memorials around the world.


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Berlin's Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe; photo by Alphamouse via Wikipedia

15 August 2016

The Palio is Life. Siena’s Historic Horse Race Explained

The Palio in Siena is one of the most historic horse races in the world, attracting thousands of international spectators…


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Horse on a hill

3 August 2016

6 Tricks for Getting Around During the Rio Olympics

City planners share inside tips for getting around during the Rio Olympics, including new tram routes and critical changes to the city’s infrastructure.


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The new Museu do Amanhã, opened just before the Rio Olympics

2 August 2016

Quirks and Oddities in Oxford

Nicknamed the City of Dreaming Spires by poet Matthew Arnold for its harmonious university architecture, Oxford is nevertheless much more than just its acclaimed academy. Docent Emily Knight, local resident and PhD candidate at Trinity College, shares her favourite facts about the eccentric city she calls home.


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Magdalen College Tower at Oxford

15 June 2016

Tartan: Top 10 things to know about Scotland’s famous fabric

Tartan is synonymous with Scottish identity, and the focus of many a myth. We’ve woven together the top ten things to know about Scotland’s famous fabric, and smashed some stereotypes along the way.


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an_incident_in_the_rebellion_of _1745

8 June 2016

Selfie In Context

In May 2016, we hosted our first ever Selfie in Context contest. What is Selfie in Context, you ask? Perfect harmony between place and you. View the winning selfie plus a few of our favorites.


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Berlin Wall Selfie

7 June 2016

Top 10 Places to Eat in Edinburgh

One of the best ways to really get to know a city is through its food culture. Context docent, culinary expert and longtime local Hilary Sturzaker takes us on a journey through Edinburgh’s hidden gastronomic highlights, from secret street food stalls and unmissable markets to the best restaurants in Edinburgh.


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Donuts at Lovecrumbs

24 May 2016

Undressing Tradition: Japan’s Kimono

Icons of Japanese traditional clothing, the kimono and yukata have captivated travelers for over a thousand years. Unwrap the history of these garments to find out about their role in Japanese society, and efforts to save the tradition in the face of modern forces.


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Girls wearing their kimonos for the first time.

16 May 2016

In the Footsteps of Capability Brown

From Blenheim Palace to Highclere Castle, We Explore Capability Brown’s Most Notable English Landscapes We’re having a particularly British dream: Gently rolling…


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highclere castle

6 May 2016

5 Best Popes in History

In the List of Popes, These Are the 5 Greatest Since the declaration of Habemus Papam – we have a…


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Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi

25 April 2016

Positive Impacts of Tourism

Travel Broadens the Mind. Can tourism bring down walls? In short, can travel broaden the mind? Student Travel – Positive…


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Destyni and Ana at Eiffel Tower

15 April 2016

Notebook Boston: An Insider’s View of Beantown

Boston: From the Paul Revere House and Faneuil Hall to the Union Oyster House and All Points In-between One of the…


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Notebook Boston Front and Back Covers on White  Background

4 April 2016

How to Tour Westminster Abbey

  Few places across the British empire encapsulates all that is England more than gothic Westminster Abbey. Born from the…


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westminster 8

1 April 2016

7 Best Paintings at Vienna’s KHM

Great things come in fours.  Good luck requires four leaves on a clover, four seasons round out the personality of…


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Junge Frau bei der Toilette by Giovanni Bellini

29 March 2016

Vino and Cava and Vermut, Oh My! Drink like a True Catalan

There’s more to fiercely independent Catalonia than football.  Sure when we mention Catalonia and its capital city of Barcelona, many…


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Wine is essential to any Catalonian meal