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4 October 2015

TBEX Asia #DeepTravel Instagram contest

Are you heading to TBEX Asia? Want to win accommodation, a metro pass and jam-packed itinerary of Context tours for…


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16 September 2015

5 Places to Experience Bossa Nova

We explore five authentic spaces to listen to Bossa Nova music in Rio.


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Vinicius Bar

15 August 2015

Mouth-watering photos: 5 tips from the expert

Five valuable tips for delectable photos from our London experts.


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11 August 2015

Introducing our Deep Travelers

We’ve begun building a network of Deep Travelers: bloggers and content creators who understand the importance of traveling thoughtfully and responsibly, and telling great stories to promote and encourage the movement.


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Betsy and Pete Wuebker began their fifth year of location independence in 2015. They’re proof positive that happiness can be found in a simplified, travel-centered life. They’ve road-tripped, sold all their stuff, moved to a tropical island, and now travel the world full-time. Special interests are history, architecture, and off-the-beaten-path. 

"Deep Travel shares many of the same characteristics as “slow travel,” which is opportunity and time to take in what a destination has to offer to a greater degree than a casual visitor might have. Deep Travel rewards us with greater understanding, not only of differences, but similarities. Travel is truly the last remaining leveler of the human experience, connecting us with each other and our global community. Deep Travel intensifies our connection with and understanding of each other, our history and our world. Context Travel’s mission to create an atmosphere from which interesting and authentic impressions can be made satisfies both natural curiosity and desire for knowledge."

Passing Thru

5 August 2015

Exploring the Great Wall of China

So large in scope, we break down the different sections of the Great Wall of China and what they have to offer.


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Blue skies over the Great Wall of China

25 June 2015

The Colorful Streets of Rio’s Santa Teresa

We take a look at the color street’s of Rio’s Santa Teresa neighborhood.


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Parque das Ruinas

15 June 2015

Colony to Nation, an American History Crash Course for Families

We share the perfect itinerary for learning about early American history in Philadelphia with your family.


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3 June 2015

Five Reasons to Visit Milan

We give you five good reasons to visit our newest city in Italy – Milan.


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The never-ending Duomo

25 April 2015

3 Heroines of WWII

When remembering the history of WWII, the important role of women is often lost. To celebrate Liberation Day in Italy we highlight 3 heroines of WWII.


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A patrol of armed women in 1945

9 April 2015

Docent, in a Word

Paul shares the story behind the meaning of the word docent and why it’s so important to Context.


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21 March 2015

TBEX Deep Travel Blogger Contest

Are you a blogger going to TBEX? Join our contest and win some special prizes.


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7 March 2015

Rome and Our Four Favorite Hidden Museums

Join us and our docents in a series of intimate museum lectures at four of our favorite off-the-beaten-path museums in Rome


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Centrale Montemartini

28 February 2015

Furry Friends in the National Gallery

From leaping dogs, to wide-eyed cats and squirming eels, the National Gallery is packed with paintings of animals. Our new…


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Pietro Longhi, The Exhibition of a Rhinoceros at Venice, 1751
National Gallery, Room 39

15 January 2015

Staff Spotlight: Petulia Melideo

We learn more about the people behind Context with our staff spotlights. First up is Petulia Melideo, who has been with us since 2004.


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Petulia and Context co-founder Paul Bennett, enjoying our MOMA Seminar led by Prof. Ara Merjian in 2010.

1 November 2014

Uncovering El Raval, Barcelona’s Gentrifying Neighborhood

Docent and architectural historian Celia Marin shares some interesting facts about El Raval, Barcelona’s former bohemian center and red light district, now one of the city’s most up-and-coming districts.


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22 September 2014

Transformative Travel Experiences

Context staff relays their most transformative travel experiences and how they have shaped their world vision.


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Rome-native Petulia has been with Context since the beginning. Now living in London with her husband and young daughter, she currently managers our London/Edinburgh programs as well as helping steer our customer service team.

I was 10 (so it was 27 years ago!) and my family and I took a 1 month long trip to the US. We flew to NYC, spent a week there, and then to Phoenix and from there we rented camper vans and traveled West covering most of the National Parks, as well as cities.

I will never forget that trip, meeting people from all over the world, seeing amazing places, and starting my lifelong love for American culture and people.