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3 December 2015

Festive December in Milan and the Celebration of St. Ambrose

Some insider tips on what makes Milan special during the month of December.


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A traditional Panettone from Cova pastry shop. 
Photo by Sarah Branduardi for Context Travel

13 May 2015

Food Culture of the Italian Renaissance

Three of our Italy docents explain what we can learn about 16th-century food traditions and habits by looking at the art from that period.


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Dosso Dossi, Witchcraft

9 December 2014

Hanukkah in Budapest

Our docent and Jewish culture expert Kata Vincze takes us on a journey through Hanukkah in the Hungarian capital.


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1 November 2014

Uncovering El Raval, Barcelona’s Gentrifying Neighborhood

Docent and architectural historian Celia Marin shares some interesting facts about El Raval, Barcelona’s former bohemian center and red light district, now one of the city’s most up-and-coming districts.


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22 April 2014

Vienna’s Unofficial Mascot: Dürer’s ‘Young Hare’

Vienna docent and art historian Lisa Regan, reports on the Albertina’s new exhibition, which has one of Dürer’s iconic images on display through June 29th.


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Albertina, via Wiki Commons

18 March 2014

Exploring Liulichang

Beijing docent Claire Cuccio shares the secrets of Luilichang, a thriving enclave of artisan culture close to the Forbidden City.


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25 February 2014

5 Venetian Painters You Need To Know

We’ve asked art historian Susan Steer to share the 5 Venetian painters you should know before your next visit to the lagoon.


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Giandomenico Tiepolo, Peasant family at table, 1757

14 January 2014

Understanding Spanish Sherry

Context docent and sommelier Preston Mohr shares the process and subtleties of Spanish Sherry, one of the most misunderstood wines of the world.


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10 October 2013

The Grand Tour & Literati in Historic Rome

Our docent Hilary Bockham takes us on an journey through the streets of Rome as the ultimate destination of the 1800s Grand Tour.


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Spanish steps

1 October 2013

Inside Washington’s Capitol Symbolism

Washington docent Jackie Burns shares the hidden symbols inside the US Capitol building.


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The Apotheosis of Washington

23 November 2012

Three Favorite Buildings in…Venice

Art Historian and Venice docent Susan Steer shares with us her favorite buildings in the Serenissima


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15 November 2012

Reconsidering the Vittoriano

Architect and docent Liz Brewster tells us about one of the most discussed monuments in Rome, revealing some of its lesser known facts.


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Trajan's Column with the Vittoriano in the Background

24 July 2012

Discovering Shakespeare at the British Museum

Kevin Childs explores the Shakespeare exhibition at the British Museum


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William Shakespeare

9 June 2012

Telling Tales at Oxford

In a year of literary milestones – the bicentenaries of the births of Charles Dickens and Robert Browning and the…


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7 May 2012

A New Station For Rome

Liz Brewster, architect and Rome resident, takes us through the newly opened Tiburtina station in Rome, Italy.


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Tiburtina station interior

23 April 2012

Telling the story behind Tapas

Food writer Vicky Hayward gives us some insight on the history of Tapas and other Spanish culinary traditions


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