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Looking for the latest news and updates about our host of experts around the world, from art historians to archeologists? Check here for docent profiles, writeups, and other information about our team on the ground, be it archeologists doing field work in Rome, chefs in Paris, or journalists in Tokyo. Frequent travelers should check back for essays, insider city guides, and tips for visiting museums, restaurants, and monuments in over 40 cities, put together by local writers, curators, and professors. From our docents’ favorite local galleries to historic sites off the beaten path, our docent profiles provide an intellectually curious take on happenings across the globe—or in your home city.

The Context vision is to create an atmosphere—a context, if you will—for curious travelers to engage with local experts; to give them access to places and cultures that might otherwise remain out of sight to the casual visitor; to invite them off the tourist track and into the real life of the people, history, and culture that makes these cultural capitals amazing. In other words, to travel deeper. Deep travel helps build cultural bridges that foster tolerance and understanding. But it doesn’t just change travelers. It changes places, too. Deep Travel connects locals with smart, curious outsiders, making the world a little smaller and a little more connected.

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