Advice on eating and drinking in the Context Travel cities.

Restaurant 404

A lively Moroccan restaurant, Restaurant 404 offers an excellent alternative for those seeking spicier, more ethnic fare. The restaurant is owned and run by three generations of family members, and between them they speak about 8 languages, so making your…

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After passing Buccone twice in the past month, and finding ourselves entranced by the dark wooden stacks of wine and the intense atmosphere of one of the most beguiling enotecas in Rome, my roommate, Federica and I finally decided we…

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Da Lucia

As a recent addition to the Context:Rome office, I was delighted to learn of the Context:Rome monthly ritual: a staff lunch on the company at a restaurant of our choice. Of course, there’s a catch. The main purpose is for…

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Set in the historic center, not too far from the Naples Archaeological Museum, in the heart of an up-and-coming artsy, bohemian quarter, Bellini is first call on the local fishmonger’s role. Neighborhood denizens come here weekly for their fish fix,…

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Di Matteo

Food in Naples means tradition. Food in Naples stands for simple, fresh products combined in an almost alchemical way. From thick-crust pizza to timballo (Naples’ version of lasagna), from sfogliatelle (Naples’ version of baklava) to insalalta di rinforzo (pickled salad),…

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Spring here at Context|Rome has been hectic, to say the least ‚ between Paul and Lani’s new baby girl (Cleo Cicero), our transition into the new office (Via Baccina, 40-just a block off the Forum!), and the warm weather tourist…

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