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28 February 2015

Furry Friends in the National Gallery

From leaping dogs, to wide-eyed cats and squirming eels, the National Gallery is packed with paintings of animals. Our new…


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Pietro Longhi, The Exhibition of a Rhinoceros at Venice, 1751
National Gallery, Room 39

13 December 2014

Spicing Up Christmas Day in London

This guest post from Victoria of One Dish Closer helps you pick an alternative Christmas meal in London.


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Curry at Red Fort

9 July 2014

Castles and Mazes, Medieval Sites around London

Some suggestions for a fairy tale day out in the English countryside with some Medieval sites near London.


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Scotney castle

10 June 2014

How to Tour the Top Sites Around the Globe

From Beijing to Berlin, from Rome to Istanbul, we’ve pooled our collective local knowledge to put together definitive guides on how to tour some of the top sites around the globe.


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The more than 8 million visitors annually, the Forbidden City is Beijing's most touristed site. 

Top tip: Avoid weekend and holiday visits, particularly October 1-3 (China’s National Day is Oct. 1), when the Forbidden City is at its most crowded as visitors also flock from China’s countryside to take in the site.

14 May 2014

Docent Spotlight: Caroline Barron

We chat with docent Caroline Barron about all things London, from what books to read to where to find Roman London.


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Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.26.46 pm

24 March 2014

Five Reasons To Visit Greenwich…and Maybe Skip the London Eye

Skip the more conventional sites in London and venture out to the green oasis of Greenwich.


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Canaletto. 'A View of Greenwich from the River'  (Tate, London)

8 December 2013

Context’s Ultimate Gift Guide

Ready for the holidays?  So are we!  We’ve surveyed our docents and city managers across the world to put together…


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8 November 2013

Did You Know? 9 Facts to Celebrate the London Tube’s 150th Anniversary

As the London Tube turns 150, we look at some fun, quirky facts about its history and use, past and present.


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23 October 2013

The Cotswolds in a Day

Curious about visiting the Cotswolds? Here’s our advice on how to plan a day in the area.


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27 September 2013

Revamping Stonehenge: The Environmental Improvement Project

Learn about some new changes happening at Stonehenge, and how they will affect visitors to the site.


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20 August 2013

A New Way to (Re)Discover London

Think you know London? Think again. We have some off the beaten path experiences to share with you.


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London Bridge

11 July 2013

Enter a London Photography Contest and Win!

Enter our London photography contest with Instagram and win 2 spaces on a walk!


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London Photography Contest

22 June 2013

Practical Facts: Iconic Monuments In and Around London

Very often people ask us about the iconic monuments in and around London. With so much to see and do,…


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17 June 2013

Summer at Blenheim Palace

Kevin Childs helps us discover the history of Blenheim Palace, as well as some of the best summer events taking place on the grounds.


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Grand Bridge, Blenheim Palace

(c) Bill Tyne

31 May 2013

Villas of Middlesex, An Oasis in London

Visit the English countryside less than an hour outside of central London? Quite possible with our new excursion to the Villas of Middlesex.


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Chiswick House

14 May 2013

In Focus: Mosaics at the National Gallery, London

Greta Garbo at the National Gallery in London? We dissect the mosaic floors in this world class institution and find a lot of surprises.


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'Humour' mosaic in the entrance vestibule at the National Gallery