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17 March 2016

The Best Craic In Dublin

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Contextuals here at Context Travel!  Whether your family hails from the Emerald Isle or…


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3 December 2015

Festive December in Milan and the Celebration of St. Ambrose

Some insider tips on what makes Milan special during the month of December.


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A traditional Panettone from Cova pastry shop. 
Photo by Sarah Branduardi for Context Travel

30 June 2015

Murano Glass, Forgery, and Karma

We share some insight into the rise and potential fall of authentic Murano glass in Venice.


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Millefiori Plaque, 
Venice, Giovanni Battista Franchini, 1846, Courtesy of Glass Museum of Murano

3 June 2015

Five Reasons to Visit Milan

We give you five good reasons to visit our newest city in Italy – Milan.


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The never-ending Duomo

17 April 2015

Le Bon Marché: The Other French Revolution

We look at the history behind Le Bon Marché and other department stores, telling the story of how they revolutionized Parisian fashion.


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Up and Down.

18 December 2014

The Perfect Gift: Artisanal Jewelry in Rome

Docent Theresa Potenza shares some tips on how to find Roman artisanal jewelry for the perfect holiday gift.


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23 June 2014

Cutting Edge Design Barcelona: A Chat with Suzanne Wales

We recently sat down with our docent and design journalist Suzanne Wales, who leads our Made in Barcelona walk, to learn more about the Barcelona “school” of design, its roots and the current trends of today.


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4 May 2014

Nishiki Market: The Heart of Kyoto Cuisine

To whet your appetite for our soon-to-launch Nishiki Market walk, we’re looking at some of the delicious and unusual foods you’ll find at Kyoto’s four-hundred-year-old covered market.


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You'll see nukazuke in wooden barrels throughout Nishiki Market, and you'll find them in their fully pickled form as a side dish at nearly every meal.

8 December 2013

Context’s Ultimate Gift Guide

Ready for the holidays?  So are we!  We’ve surveyed our docents and city managers across the world to put together…


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28 August 2013

Practical Facts: Shopping in China

Shopping in China? Learn what to buy and what to skip.


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22 July 2013

5 Sustainable Shopping Finds in Brooklyn

Docent Chantal Martineau shares her favorite sustainable shopping finds in Brookyln.


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Brooklyn Grange. © Gonzlaught

22 February 2013

Slideshow: Inside Naples

Get an insider’s view on Naples, one of our favorite Italian cities.


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As Italy's third largest city, Naples can be an underrated venue for tourists.  Our Naples Welcome Kit helps unravel the city for visitors, giving inside tips on how to tackle one of Italy's most vibrant cities.

31 May 2012

Five Souvenirs to celebrate H.M. the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

A selection of our favorite souvenirs to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of H.M. The Queen.


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Emma Bridgewater

18 April 2012

Rialto Market: Pulsing Heart of Venice

Join us as we discover Venice’s Rialto Market. Here we’ll find delicious food and lots of traditions!


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12 March 2012

36 Hours in Istanbul

Our Istanbul expert tells us all about places to visit and things to do when visiting the city


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5 March 2012

Beijing Trip Planners: Bespoke Beijing

We were delighted to meet Sarah and Tom from Bespoke Beijing a few weeks ago over plates of dumplings, noodles,…


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Beijing guidebook