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19 September 2014

How to Use Transport in Beijing

We break down the best ways to traverse Beijing during your next visit.


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16 July 2014

3 Reasons to Skip a Gondola in Venice

We give you three good reasons not to spend on a gondola ride the next time you are in Venice.


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12 March 2014

Practical Facts: How to Navigate Budapest

From tipping to taxis, our best advice on how to navigate the Hungarian capital successfully.


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15 November 2013

Practical Facts: How to Visit Normandy

Our France expert offers tips and suggestions for visiting Normandy, France.


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WWII bomb craters at the Pointe du Hoc, west of Omaha Beach

25 June 2013

Prague’s Metro Designs

We explore the architecture and design of Prague’s metro stations.


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11 June 2013

Practical Facts: Getting to the Airport in Paris, Madrid & Barcelona

Skip that taxi by learning some practical tips for traveling from the airport in Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid.


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Paris metro

27 September 2012

Keeping fit in Paris: a few tips from our local expert

Paris docent and runner Bryan Pirolli tells us all about keeping fit in Paris


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baguette on display

7 August 2012

Alternatives to walking tours: other ways to discover a city

What are the best alternatives to walking when visiting a new city? We’ve selected a few of our favorites.


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bikes in Paris

10 July 2012

London (and the UK) Beyond the 2012 Games

A few alternatives for visitors to London who are not interested in the Olympic Games


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Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 2.02.59 PM

27 June 2012

48 Hours in Prague

When launching a new city there is nothing better than hitting the ground running and taking in the best of…


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14 June 2012

“A Capitol Fourth”: Celebrating in D.C.

Throughout America, from big cities to backyard BBQs, Independence Day is celebrated each July 4. But few places offer the…


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July 4th Fireworks

11 May 2012

China Visas – What You Need to Know

What to do when you need a visa to China and you have not planned in advance.


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7 May 2012

A New Station For Rome

Liz Brewster, architect and Rome resident, takes us through the newly opened Tiburtina station in Rome, Italy.


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Tiburtina station interior

3 March 2012

Where to Rent a Wheelchair in Italy

In keeping with the spirit of our mobility program services, we have put together resource lists for wheelchair rental in our various cities. The Italian cities in which we operate face their own unique challenges, from the bridges in Venice to the cobbled streets to Rome. While some museums do provide foldable wheelchairs, their quality and availability can be variable and limited to that particular site. The following is a list of pharmacies and medical supply stores that provide wheel chair rentals.


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IMG_4021 - Version 2

6 January 2012

7 things that visitors to Rome can do to help the city sustain itself

How can tourists be more sustainable? Tom Rankin, architect and Context Travel docent, looks at the issues involved with tourism and sustainability and gives us some advice.


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Bike sharing Rome

12 December 2011

Five Free Holiday Activities in Philadelphia

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and amidst the shopping crunch we all need to take little time to revel in…


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Since 1956 the historic department store Wanamakers has been entertaining shoppers with its festive holiday light and music show,