Ciuri Ciuri brings a slice (or scoop) of Sicily to Rome


One of the more exciting and tasty new additions to the very hip Roman neighborhood of Monti (where the Context office is located) is Ciuri Ciuri, a sleek interpretation of a classic Sicilian pastry shop. The best of what the island has to offer is on display: crumbly chocolate from Modica, colorful marzipan fruits, ice cream which include the luscious cannoli flavor and, for those with no sweet tooth, savory calzones and arancini.

After sampling most of what this temple to Mediterranean delicacies has to offer, our office has decided that our favorite offering is the granita. Similar to an Italian-American ice, granita are slushy concoctions of fruit (most commonly strawberry and lemon, but also can include coffee and chocolate flavors) and ice which are blended toegther to form one of the most satisying objects on the planet that can be imbibed through a straw. Our hands-down favorite is the almond (mandorla) version, which is filled with ground up almonds to give it a delightfully complex texture.

The interior is tastefully based on a black and glass motif and has a constantly rotating selection of original photographs of traditionally rural Sicilian scenes. All of their products are artfully arranged like edible pieces of art. Ciuri Ciuri is popular with the mid-afternoon crowd for a pick me up during the work day but would be a more than welcome spot for any tourists passing through the neighborhood for a pleasant break during a marathon sight seeing session.

Ciuri Ciuri, Via Leonina 18/19, 06.45444548 

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