Context Docents Lecture for Smarthistory

Il Gesu

In November I wrote a post about educational websites one can use to help you learn a bit more before you embark on your travels. I’m pleased to announce that one of the sites, Smarthistory, collaborated with us during a recent trip to Rome. Over the course of several days, Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker, the creators of Smarthistory, engaged several of our docents in discussions of various monuments and artworks from a range of time periods. Click though to hear the first results of their time with Context docents, just the of many more clips to come. Native Roman and archaeologist Valentina Follo, who is currently completing her PhD at the University of Pennsylvania, dissects the Arch of Constantine, while art historian Frank Dabell, who teaches at the Temple University program in Rome, explores the Baroque splendor of the Il Gesu church.

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