Context Travel Launches Mobility Program

Context Travel is proud to announce the launch of its Mobility Program. Since its foundation, Context remains a network of scholars and specialists in the world’s cultural capitals and aims to provide transformative experiences for intellectually curious travelers. However, due to the physical nature of some of its cities, this often excluded access for travelers with mobility concerns and physical disabilities. With this in mind, we have created a dedicated program to better serve these travelers.

Context Travel curated its Mobility Program services through consultation with accessible travel experts, former clients who have globally traveled with wheelchairs and our own docents who have lead walks with travelers with mobility concerns. The overarching goal of the program is to better serve travelers with physical limitations in trip planning and itinerary design. With the creation of this program Context establishes itself as an innovator in the field of accessible travel, being the first urban tour company to offer personalized and informed services for travelers with disabilities.

The services and features of the program include:

–       a collection of walking tours, specifically designed to adhere to accessible guidelines, in each of our cities

–       a team of docents who have been trained in leading mobility-friendly itineraries

–       a client resource document for each city, which includes: wheelchair rental information, accessible taxi and transfer options, accessible travel resources and trip planning sites

To guarantee the quality and continuous advancement of this program, Context Travel will be conducting an annual roundtable discussion with its in-house staff and our panel of accessible travel experts.

For more information, visit the Mobility Program section of our website or write to: