Exhibitions you shouldn’t miss this Fall

September is always an exciting time in our cities. Many new exhibitions open to the public, and visitors are spoiled for choice. So we’ve made a small selection of museums and shows you should not miss. Here is our list:

Vienna: From Sept 14 – Jan 6 at the Albertina there is a show called “Emperor Maximilian I and the Art of the Dürer Period”. Maximilian is one of the most interesting Habsburg rulers and was a huge supporter of the arts. He loved surrounding himself with scholars and was part of the Renaissance flourishing in Germany. Over 340 works will be in display by artists who were working for him at the time and will give a great impression of the Habsburgs and their PR machine. More info here.

Madrid: Gauguin and the Voyage to the Exotic. From 09 October 2012 to 13 January at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. The show focuses on the importance of travel in artists such as Gauguin, Matisse and Kandinsky how travel brought about a transformation in creative language.

Berlin: Egypt lovers will want to mark their calendars for the exhibit opening at the Neues Museum December 7. To mark the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of the bust of Nefertiti, a huge exhibition on the Amarna period will go up in the museum through April 13. The exhibition will allow visitors to understand the Nefertiti in the context of the other objects on display, which are a mix of pieces from Berlin that are not normally on view and loans from other museums. More info here.

Budapest: Sept 28 to Oct 7 is Budapest Design week. The theme this year is Slow Design and you can visit studio and see the open air exhibits. A cool way to see a different side to Budapest and view what Hungarian designers have to offer. More info here.

Edinburgh: Ending October 14 is a fantastic exhibition on Symbolist Landscape in Europe 1880-1910. The exhibition is a collaboration between the National Galleries of Scotland, the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam and the Ateneum Museum, Helsinki. The focus of the show is on major artists such as Paul Gauguin, Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch but it also does a great job of introducing visitors to a group of lesser known artists from Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe.

Vincent van Gogh The Sower 1888 (detail), Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)

Rome: Vermeer – The Golden Century of Dutch Art from Oct 20 to Jan 13. The eternal city is hosting the first public exhibition ever held in Italy of works by the greatest master of Dutch 17th century painting, and possibly one of the most popular painters in the entire history of art. The show, that will display works by Vermeer and his contemporaries, will be held in the beautiful setting of the Scuderie del Quirinale. More info here.

Istanbul: Oct 13-Dec 12 Design Biennal. Confirming its raising position among the capitals of design, Istanbul inaugurates its first Design Biennal this year. Istanbul Design Biennial events will take place at various locations throughout the city including the Istanbul Modern and Galata Greek Primary School. Details here.

Paris: The Grand Palais doubles up with an exhibition about Bohemes(26 September 2012 – 14 January 2013) and a retrospective on Edward Hopper show (10 October 2012 – 28 January 2013). The Hopper show is divided chronologically into two main parts: the first section covers Hopper’s formative years. The second part looks at the artist production during his mature years, from the first paintings emblematic of his personal style – House by the Railroad – (1924), to his last works (Two Comedians -1966). More info here.

Athens: The fascinating Benaki Museum proposes an exhibition about the greatest forced migrations and population exchanges of thw 20th century. Twice a stranger : Forced displacement and population exchange in 20th century, running from Sept 19 to Nov 25 promises to be a much talked about exhibition. Details here.

London:Bronze at the Royal Academy. The Times described the show as “a journey which will take visitors from 5,000 years ago to the present day, via some of the greatest names in art history”. The show will feature over 150 of the finest bronzes from Asia, Africa and Europe and includes important discoveries as well as archaeological excavations. From African masks,to ancient Greek statues and Renaissance works the show will have something for everyone. More info here.

Have we missed something? Let us know what are the exhibitions you plan to visit this year!

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