Food Touring in Rome


Maureeen Fant's tour of the markets of Rome with Context


A recent Chowhound post about, among other things, our Annotated Lunch with Maureen Fant in Rome reminded me of the city’s rich culinary landscape. One of my favorite things to do with my kids on a Saturday morning is take the 281 bus down the Lungotevere to the Testaccio market (included in Maureen’s culinary seminar) and spend a couple of hours tasting fresh tomatoes, watching the fishmonger clean anchovies (a high art, let me tell you) and enjoying whatever is in season.

Here’s a list of some my other favorite food experiences in Rome:

1. Getting baby Jade her own plum and chocolate gelato at Gelateria del Teatro and running into friends.

2.  Pizza night at Montecarlo. We try to arrive around 8 pm to miss the middle school groups (usually French or German) that descend on it at opening.

3. The biological (organic) market that happens every other Sunday in Vicolo Morretti. In particular, the apple lady. In particular, her yellow apples.

4. Cafe at Sant’ Eustachio.

5. Abbacchio (roasted lamb) at Taverna Romana in Monti, across the street from our office. Ok, throw in their pasta cacio e pepe too.

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