In Focus: Children’s Games by Pieter Bruegel

Our new In Focus series will highlight details that we love, from paintings to architectural features to hidden symbols.  In our first edition, art historians Lisa Regan and Sarah Cormack help bring us inside a wonderful painting by Pieter Bruegel, “Children’s Games.”  Located in Vienna,  we often touch on the Flemish painter’s work during our guided visit to the Kunsthistorisches Museum.



  1. Jessica
    First I love the detail of the painting you provided. Secondly in really looking closer at this painting, you can see children in their “natural state” so-to-speak playing games not a whole lot different then when I grew up with some obvious modifications of course. But really enjoyed your post. Thanks so much!

  2. Great presentation of this Bruegel painting. I just finished Michael Frayn’s novel HEADLONG and am now very interested in gazing closely at all the works.

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