Off the Beaten Path: Tours in the Public Interest

At Context, our philosophy has always been about promoting and protecting the cultural heritage in each of the cities in which we operate. This heritage most familiarly comes in the form of monumental sites such as the Colosseum or iconic topics such Gothic architecture in Paris. But it also exists in smaller, sometimes more interesting, off the beaten path sites such as the Croton Aqueduct in New York or topics such as Thomas Jefferson’s time in Paris. Very often, however, these less well known aspects of a city’s heritage can be overlooked by enthusiastic visitors and busy locals.

It is these often under appreciated, but nonetheless important, sites and topics which have inspired us to create our newest program, Tours in the Public Interest. Completely underwritten by the Context Foundation for Sustainable Travel, Tours in the Public Interest allow Context to offer walking seminars focused on areas of cultural heritage which may otherwise not be popular or commercially viable, to the general public for a nominal fee (usually $5). The series not only draws attention to unique themes, timely scholarship, and out of the way places, but makes the in depth, participatory learning experiences that Context is known for available to a wider audience.

You can read more about Tours in the Public Interest offered in 2011 on our website here. Check back in the coming month for our full 2012 schedule!