Blogger spotlight: London

Visiting and living in London can be overwhelming. The city is huge and there are always a million different things happening at the same time: gallery opening, festivals, lectures, fashion shows, etc. To help you keep on top of these events, and select the activities that better suit your mood, we have highlighted some of the best bloggers in London, people who can really provide you with great, insider information before you arrive or simply give a glimpse into local life.

Laura Porter @

Laura is probably one of the most and best informed people when it comes to London. Her blog, part of the site is a great repository for events, hotel and restaurant recommendations, and practical info for first time visitors as well as experienced travelers.  I was lucky to meet Laura in person and I was impressed with her energetic approach to all things. She is always on the go, ready to try another tour or visit a museum. — www.

London Underground

Imagine a journal about everything that goes on around the London underground. A witty, entertaining portrait of the city as seen from below. Annie Mole is brilliant at making things as normal as traveling on underground not only interesting, but also funny. From pictures of interesting people riding the train to practical info about the complex underground system, Annie has it all! Definitely a blog worth checking out. —

Ian Visits

A very useful blog for everyone, and especially for travelers on a budget. Ian publishes a handy guide to lectures, talks, heritage events, organised walks and other miscellany happening around London today. Ian has the ability to capture if not all, most of the events worth knowing about and organizing them in a tidy manner (maybe not the most glamorous but definitely gets the message across).  Free events are clearly marked, as well as one-off events and temporary exhibitions that are closing shortly. —

Pepys’ Diary

I am not sure that this is officially a blog, since all the content of this site was written in the 17th century and it’s now being presented in digital form. However, I find this site extremely interesting and useful, especially when it comes to learning about Pepys’ London in a modern way. You want to know what daily life was like 400 years ago? Check out this site,managed by Phil Gyford, and read one of the original entries brilliantly enhanced by 21st cent technology, you’ll find yourself wandering in city quite different from the London of today. —

The London Review of Breakfast

Maybe I am bias to this site because I love breakfast, but I find Malcolm Eggs’ s blog a brilliant idea. I love a good English breakfast, and unfortunately these days it’s not so easy to find one in central London. Thanks to TLRB things have gotten easier for lovers of baked beans and toast. The reviews read as short novels, opening a window onto the world of London cafes, pubs and restaurants, in the morning. —

London Eater

Kang Leong offers the perfect mixture of words and photos in his London Eater blog. Every week I look out for his beautiful, mouth watering (most of the times) restaurant reviews and I have to say I find myself often in agreement . Looking for the perfect kimchi or a delicious hamburger? Londoneater has a very easy to use restaurant review page, where you can quickly find what you are looking for, or be surprised by the latest blogpost. Check it out before making your next reservations. —

I know this Great Little Place in London

I found this blog thanks for a London friend, she had just started seeing a new guy and wanted to meet him somewhere new, off the beaten path for their next date. She found it on GLP. This blog is a great repository, especially for people who know London and its usual hang out places. Here you’ll find suggestion for small, quirky and romantic places, often away from the crowds and the the touristy spots, the places that true Londoners seek and find! —