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24 August 2015

Rome Eats

Our quick tips for putting together a satisfying foodie experience in Rome.


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Rome food market

15 August 2015

Mouth-watering photos: 5 tips from the expert

Five valuable tips for delectable photos from our London experts.


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11 August 2015

Introducing our Deep Travelers

We’ve begun building a network of Deep Travelers: bloggers and content creators who understand the importance of traveling thoughtfully and responsibly, and telling great stories to promote and encourage the movement.


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Betsy and Pete Wuebker began their fifth year of location independence in 2015. They’re proof positive that happiness can be found in a simplified, travel-centered life. They’ve road-tripped, sold all their stuff, moved to a tropical island, and now travel the world full-time. Special interests are history, architecture, and off-the-beaten-path. 

"Deep Travel shares many of the same characteristics as “slow travel,” which is opportunity and time to take in what a destination has to offer to a greater degree than a casual visitor might have. Deep Travel rewards us with greater understanding, not only of differences, but similarities. Travel is truly the last remaining leveler of the human experience, connecting us with each other and our global community. Deep Travel intensifies our connection with and understanding of each other, our history and our world. Context Travel’s mission to create an atmosphere from which interesting and authentic impressions can be made satisfies both natural curiosity and desire for knowledge."

Passing Thru

5 August 2015

Exploring the Great Wall of China

So large in scope, we break down the different sections of the Great Wall of China and what they have to offer.


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Blue skies over the Great Wall of China

27 July 2015

Dining Like a Habsburg in Vienna

Our Vienna annotated meal experience, Tasting Tradition, delves into both the classic and lesser-known dishes in the company of a passionate and knowledgeable food anthropologist. Here are some of our favorites to whet your appetite.


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21 July 2015

125 Years On: The Legacy of Vincent Van Gogh

As the 125th anniversary of Van Gogh’s death approaches (July 29, 2015), we sat down with docent and art historian Lora Sariaslan, who leads our Van Gogh Museum Seminar, to dive deeper into the enigmatic artists’s personal history, creative spirit, and cultural legacy.


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Self-Portrait, 1889, Vincent Van Gogh. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

17 July 2015

Five Events to Understand the Spanish Civil War

On the 79th anniversary of the start of the Spanish Civil War, we look at what led up to this historic time in Spain’s history.


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General Fransisco Franco at the Victory Parade celebrating the end of the war, courtesy of Wikimedia Common.

15 July 2015

Courting Controversy in London Architecture

Docent Kevin Childs navigates us through the thrilling and controversial architecture of London.


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20 Fenchurch Street (Walkie Talkie Building)

5 July 2015

Urban Archaeology: Stories from the Birth of Berlin

Join us on a visual tour through our brand new urban archaeology walk, which uncovers how Berlin rose from the marshes to become a metropolis so crucial to world history.


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30 June 2015

Murano Glass, Forgery, and Karma

We share some insight into the rise and potential fall of authentic Murano glass in Venice.


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Millefiori Plaque, 
Venice, Giovanni Battista Franchini, 1846, Courtesy of Glass Museum of Murano

25 June 2015

The Colorful Streets of Rio’s Santa Teresa

We take a look at the color street’s of Rio’s Santa Teresa neighborhood.


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Parque das Ruinas

18 June 2015

Cézanne and Provence: Our Top 6 Sites

Discover the best sites in Provence linked to painter Paul Cézanne.


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Paul Cézanne [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

15 June 2015

Colony to Nation, an American History Crash Course for Families

We share the perfect itinerary for learning about early American history in Philadelphia with your family.


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12 June 2015

Why Gardens Matter

From Kyoto to Boston, we talk with docents around the network about the importance of gardens in their cities.


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7 June 2015

Authentic Flavors of Budapest

We’ve teamed up with Taste Hungary to offer some Deep Travel experiences in Budapest that combine culture and cuisine.


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Jewish Hungarian Meal

3 June 2015

Five Reasons to Visit Milan

We give you five good reasons to visit our newest city in Italy – Milan.


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The never-ending Duomo