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1 November 2015

The Best of Prague: 7 Things to Skip and What to Do Instead

As tourism in Prague soars, we explore the dos and don’ts for your next visit.


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29 October 2015

Welcome to Central Europe – Festive Special

We’ve created special Deep Travel experiences of Central Europe’s Christmas Markets, letting you relax and soak up the festive atmosphere in the company of one of our expert docents.


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28 October 2015

Do “Zen Gardens” Really Exist?

Do Zen gardens really exist? Our Kyoto docents explore the world of Japanese gardens.


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21 October 2015

TBEX North America #DeepTravel Twitter contest

Are you heading to TBEX North America? Want to win accommodation, a metro pass and jam-packed itinerary of Context tours…


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18 October 2015

A Voyage to Montserrat

Nestled high in the jagged, saw-tooth mountains northwest of Barcelona lies Montserrat, a unique and must-see destination for anyone visiting the region.


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12 October 2015

Rosé and Beyond: Wines of Provence

We sit down with Context docent and wine expert Frédéric Duverger to whet our appetites for wines of Provence and get some coveted tips on how to identify and choose the best of what the region has to offer.


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Rosé wine.

Photo credit: Arthur Caranta, Flickr.

7 October 2015

Hong Kong: Yesterday and Today

We look at the rapid urbanization of Hong Kong over the past 30 years.


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Hong Kong Now and Then

Photo credits: (top) China Mike / (bottom) Lily Heise

4 October 2015

TBEX Asia #DeepTravel Instagram contest

Are you heading to TBEX Asia? Want to win accommodation, a metro pass and jam-packed itinerary of Context tours for…


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Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 13.58.31

25 September 2015

How To Eat Like A Local in Milan

Deep Traveler and Milan local, Margherita from The Crowded Planet, shares five of her favorite restaurants in Milan.


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20 September 2015

Habsburgs and Jesuits 101: a Primer

Just who were the Habsburgs and what influence did they have on Czech history? Prague docent Lenka Philippova shares her insight.


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Inside the halls of the Klementinum.

20 September 2015

Exploring Greek Cuisine in Athens

We explore the cuisine of Athens and the delicious surprises that await during your next trip to the Greek capital.


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Greek cuisine celebrates freshness, beginning with fresh-baked bread. Whether you prefer a crusty country loaf or a circle of sesame-encrusted breakfast called koulouri, there’s always time for breaking bread. Bakeries are inexpensive and scattered throughout neighborhoods.

16 September 2015

5 Places to Experience Bossa Nova

We explore five authentic spaces to listen to Bossa Nova music in Rio.


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Vinicius Bar

11 September 2015

How to Visit Dresden

We look at Dresden, a fascinating city that is our newest excursion from Berlin.


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A renewed urban landscape

7 September 2015

Madrid: Tapas, Tavernas, and Cultural Codes

We sit down with docent and local food expert Helena Vaello to dive into the deeper meaning of tapas and tavernas in the Spanish capital.


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24 August 2015

Rome Eats

Our quick tips for putting together a satisfying foodie experience in Rome.


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Rome food market

15 August 2015

Mouth-watering photos: 5 tips from the expert

Five valuable tips for delectable photos from our London experts.


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