Set in the historic center, not too far from the Naples Archaeological Museum, in the heart of an up-and-coming artsy, bohemian quarter, Bellini is first call on the local fishmonger’s role. Neighborhood denizens come here weekly for their fish fix,…

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Di Matteo

Food in Naples means tradition. Food in Naples stands for simple, fresh products combined in an almost alchemical way. From thick-crust pizza to timballo (Naples’ version of lasagna), from sfogliatelle (Naples’ version of baklava) to insalalta di rinforzo (pickled salad),…

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Spring here at Context|Rome has been hectic, to say the least ‚ between Paul and Lani’s new baby girl (Cleo Cicero), our transition into the new office (Via Baccina, 40-just a block off the Forum!), and the warm weather tourist…

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