Selfie In Context

During the month of May we had the pleasure of hosting our first ever Selfie in Context contest.  The rules were simple: selfies must be taken in one of our 38 cities and were judged by the Context staff for creativity and, of course, context. What is context, you ask?  Perfect harmony between place and you.

It was tremendously exciting to see the selfies pour into our Facebook page from all of our 38 cities. We loved seeing the sites and reading the amazing stories.  This contest reinforced our belief that travel truly does make the world a better place. And now, without further ado, the big moment we have all been waiting for. The winner of the first ever Selfie in Context is:

Berlin Wall Selfie
Maria in Berlin: The selfie was taken in front of the East Side Gallery Berlin. What once meant selection, limitations and control now stands for creativity and personal freedom. I was born in the East of Germany and without the fall of the Berlin Wall I could not pursue my passion for travel. This was the first time I visited this brightly coloured symbol of freedom and it was a special moment indeed!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Selfie in Context.

We’ve included some of our favorite selfies for your viewing pleasure.

Erika in London
Erika in London: This as my first day trip to London and my first Time traveling solo internationally. I took this on my last day in London. So, I had a private carriage ride on the London Eye. I couldn’t resist a photo from high above so I whipped out my selfie stick and snapped this pic of me, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament!


Carrie and Family in Venice
Carrie and Family in Venice: What’s more magical than wandering through Venice in the dawn of a December morning? The streets are lit by the quiet glow of lamplight; patisseries illuminate a quiet corner stuffed with holiday temptations. There are no tourists- not at 7:00 am. The only sounds are our heels clicking along the old cobbled streets and the occasional vaparetto making its way along a canal. We stop for a pastry and espresso for mom and dad, thick melted hot chocolate for the twins. After feeling lost and finding our way a half dozen times… we suddenly spot the Rialto Bridge. We loved Venice and we love Context!


Kim and Husband in Rome
Kim and husband in Rome: This selfie was taken in 2004 – it’s a pre-selfie selfie! There were no filters on the lens and the sky was really that blue. This was my first trip to Italy to meet my (now) husband’s relatives and his nonna’s (grandma) last trip home before she passed. We used this photo on the labels of the wine we served at our wedding. This photo represents our bright and sunny future together in the context of an iconic symbol of his family’s cultural past. The trip marked both a beginning and an end. We dream of returning to Italy and taking a Context tour!
Lisa and nephew in Venice
Lisa and Matthew in Venice: I have enjoyed so many Context Travel adventures with your guides over the years…some of my favorite experiences have been with my nephews, whose parents have let me take each of them on an adventure of their choice at age 13. 13 is the perfect age for a new adventure and I am loving these opportunities to see the world from a teenager’s point of view, and watching their confidence grow as they learn to navigate through new cities, new languages and new cultures. In 2013 my nephew Matthew chose Italy as his destination. After a week in Rome we took the train to Venice. Over breakfast one morning, Matthew and I decided to do an Amazing Race day and he made a list of a dozen things for us to accomplish that day. Armed with maps of the city and the water shuttle routes, Matthew did all of the navigation for us and from 10 am till 10 pm we completed all of the challenges on the list! We had so much fun and laughed all the way through our spontaneous adventure. One of our items on our Amazing Race list was to take a picture atop the Rialto bridge in Matthew’s Detroit Tigers hat, which is the photo you see here. Matthew’s confidence to navigate us through an unfamiliar city was nurtured a great deal by the wonderful Context Travel guides we had in Rome. Thank you to our guides Livia, Jose, Diane and Gregory for all you did to awaken a boy’s interest in travel and exploring…it is a gift he will now enjoy for the rest of his life!


kelsey at sagrada familia
Kelsey at Sagrada Familia: Finally storming the grounds of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, just feeling passionate in Gaudi’s Tower of Passion

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