Slideshow: Inside Naples

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As Italy's third largest city, Naples can be an underrated venue for tourists. Our Welcome to Naples experience helps unravel the city for visitors, giving inside tips on how to tackle one of Italy's most vibrant cities.
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In "La Vita Napoletana" soccer is taken seriously. This famous shrine to Argentinian soccer hero Diego Maradona, who played for the Naples team at the peak of his career, was set up just outside Bar Nilo on Via San Biagio Dei Librai.
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Just as in the rest of Italy, coffee is serious business in Naples. The Neapolitan tradition is also tinged by the Viennese influence of the early 18th century. For a special treat, look for the crema di caffé often located on the bar. A combination of sugar and espresso, a dollop in your coffee cup brings just the right amount of sweetness.
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After its recent renovation, the Naples Archaeological Museum is better than ever. With an enormous collection of antiquities - from the treasures of Pompeii to pieces from the Farnese Collection - this is a must see stop for those who want to understand ancient Rome.
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Looking to find some tranquility? A visit to the Baroque cloister of Santa Chiara, located in the heart of historic Naples, will do just the trick. The addition of brightly colored maijolica tiles in the 18th century bring unique atmosphere to the space, where one could stay and bask in the sun for hours if you are not careful!
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Traditional nativity figurines are an artform that helps define Naples. Whether the classic characters or pop-culture icons, artisans create delicately painted figures for every mood. One of our favorite places La Scarabattola, is a family run business located on the via dei Tribunali.
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You don't have to go to Pompeii to see archaeology. Just dip below the surface of Naples and you will be surprised at what you see. Under the church of San Lorenzo Maggiore, in the heart of the historic center, it's possible to trace a large decumanus major, or main Roman road.
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If you leave Naples without trying sfogliatelle, you haven't gotten the full experience. One of our favorite places for these ricotta filled treats is Scaturchio located by the church of San Domenico Maggiore.
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More compact, and in many ways more intact, than its more famous cousin Pompeii, Herculaneum makes a great option for those wishing to see an ancient Roman city.
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One of the joys of Herculaneum is the myriad of in-situ works. The House of Neptune holds the marvelous Neptune and Amphitrite mosaic.
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Naples is a shopper's paradise. with cameos and coral make perfect souvenirs. From Roman times the area close to Mt. Vesuvius had been producing items made of both materials and Naples has been a key trading center of coral for centuries. The historic center is lined with jewelry shops, but some of our favorites are along via Benedetto Croce.
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How could we finish without mentioning pizza? Whether you want to make your own or just sit down for a slice, you cannot go wrong with a classic pizza napoletana. For the best pizzerie in Naples, it's also best to bring some patience, as they don't traditionally take reservations and you make have to wait during peak hours due to the popularity and small nature of most restaurants. Don't worry, it's well worth the wait!