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When we say revolution in Paris, we usually think of the Bastille orperhaps the guillotine, and not usually the United States. However, during the American Revolutionary War, many of America’s Founding Fathers served as ambassadors to Paris, including Thomas Jefferson. The City of Light made a significant impression on Jefferson who wrote enthusiastically about the arts, music and architecture of Paris.

This June and July as part of Context Foundation for Sustainable Travel’s Tours in the Public Interest program, we will be offering a special Walk with Thomas Jefferson, featuring monuments and sites pertaining to Jefferson’s five-year stay in Paris. The 2.5-hour walk will focus on a variety of topics such as American-French relations during the revolutionary years of the two nations, Jefferson’s interest in architecture and decorative arts and connections between Paris and many American monuments fostered by Jefferson.
As part of our Tours in the Public Interest program, the walk will cost only 5 euros per person. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to explore the rich history connecting Paris with one of America’s most influential figures and to deepen your understanding of our beautiful city.

See scheduled walks here on our website.




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