Venice Through a Kid’s Eyes

Last week I went to Venice and I saw a lot of things. Here are my favorites:


1. In Venice the streets are not streets. They are little passages, all stone. But the buildings are so tall that you need a helicopter to drive up in the sky to see were you are.


2. When I was in Venice I went on a sailboat/motorboat (it was a sailboat with a motor), which was cool. I liked the feeling of the boat rocking back and forth and my hair blowing in the wind. I also went on a bus boat (called a vaporetto in Italian) two times but I never got to go on a gondola because it was too expensive.


3. You can get sandwiches made in front of your eyes at this little corner shop and then eat on the side of the canal.


4. I also went to the Frari, and I saw a panting with this little boy in it. And when you walk from side to side of the staircase it looks like he is looking at you the whole time. Also, there were a lot of tombs. The creepiest tomb was the one for Canova that only had his heart inside! Why only his heart? Because so many churches wanted to bury him that they split him up, and the Frari got the heart.


Editor’s note: Cleo accompanied me (Paul) on a recent business trip to Venice and took a number of our walks, providing hands-on feedback about our Family Program there. The sandwich shop she mentions resides in Campo S. Barnaba, on the west side. In the Frari, the painting she mentions is the Madonna with Saints and Members of the Pesaro Family by Titian.

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