What to Do in Florence: 5 Offbeat Sites and Museums

Museo Bardini
While millions of visitors flock to tour the Uffizi Galleries or peer at Michelangelo’s David in the Accademia, Florence hosts a wealth of off-beat sites and museums.  Whether for the repeat visitor who wants to try something new or a discerning newcomer looking to move away from the pack, here are our top five suggestions of off-beat sites and museums to visit in Florence.

Ognissanti – This lovely church is visited as part of our Last Supper walking seminar in order to view what is perhaps the greatest of Ognissanti’s frescoes – Ghirlandaio’s Last Supper. Located in the refectory between the two cloisters, it was a work with which Leonardo was intimately familiar. Site hours and entry fees

Museo Bardini – An enduring legacy of one man and his singular vision for displaying the treasures he amassed from all corners of the globe, we have the pleasure of arranging after hours visits to this special museum. Stefano Bardini’s collection of painting, sculpture, architectural details and minor arts was bequeathed to the city of Florence upon his death and transformed into a museum in the early 20th century and has just recently re-opened after a 20-year restoration. Site hours and entry fees

Bardini Garden, FlorenceGiardino Bardini – Just across the way from the Museo Bardini, the garden exemplifies Florence’s treasures behind unassuming doors.  While there are still many visitors to the garden, it still feels like one has come across a secret garden with lovely panoramas and a surprising elevation in the landscape. Site hours and entry fees

Museo Stibbert – Similar to the Bardini collection, this museum houses the eclectic collection of the British born 19th century arts and antiquities lover Frederick Stibbert.  Everything from historic European costumes to Islamic weaponry to Japanese armor can be viewed alongside a rich collection of porcelain and paintings. Site hours and entry fees

Any personal favorites we’ve left off the list or have you visited any of these sites?  We’d love to hear your experiences!

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