What we are reading: from 007 to global gardener

A selection of our favorite reads this week:

  • We discovered Brain Pickings thanks to one of our docents. Now we are addicted to its smart, unique and stimulating posts. As the website author Maria Popova states, Brain Pickings brings you things you didn’t know you were interested in until you are.
  • The Atlantic Cities website is always packed with interesting articles about urban issues: environment, architecture, housing. This week, we enjoy this little love story, told using street art in Paris.
  • Louis Benech is a star gardener who can include in his resume works at the Jardins de Tuileries and clients of the likes of Diane Von Furstenberg. This interview, with stunning images of the gardens that Benech has worked on, made us forget Autumn is here and got us all enthusiastic in garden life.
  • As the Presidential campaign heats up in the US, it becomes difficult to bump into funny and yet heartwarming articles, especially on the Washington Post. And yet, we spotted and loved this story celebrating the 50 years of the world’s favorite secret agent.
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