Where to Rent a Wheelchair in Italy

Context Travel is sensitive to the obstacles facing travelers with mobility limitations. Most of the cities we visit are very old, harking back centuries or even millennia, meaning one must grapple with layouts that can date back to Roman or Medieval times and are often dotted with potholes, cobblestones and various other pitfalls.  Museums, churches, monuments and archaeological sites vary greatly in their degree of access, ranging from fully accessible to completely inaccessible.  People who use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes and crutches are likely to face a myriad of difficulties – ranging from uneven sidewalk surfaces, steep terrain and lack of curb ramps, to parked cars and motorcycles blocking the way, to tiny or malfunctioning museum elevators and inaccessible restrooms.

Despite these obstacles, Context has been able to accommodate travelers with a variety of mobility disabilities, including electric wheelchair users, through a range of services via our mobility program. Our staff is equipped to provide pre-booking assistance and guidance to visitors with mobility concerns, in order to plan personalized walks that fit their individual mobility limitations.

In keeping with the spirit of our services, we have put together resource lists for wheelchair rental in our various cities.  The Italian cities in which we operate face their own unique challenges, from the bridges in Venice to the cobbled streets to Rome.  While some museums do provide foldable wheelchairs, their quality and availability can be variable and limited to that particular site.  The following is a list of pharmacies and medical supply stores that provide wheel chair rentals. Please note that most rentals have a minimum of at least 15 days and include a returnable deposit. While we have put together this curated list, we cannot provide detailed pricing information, as that is subject to change, as is availability.  We strongly encourage you to reach out to these vendors directly for any questions of concerns in regards to wheelchair rental.


Piazza A. Meucci, 6 – (+39) 06.5594526
euro 2.50 a day minimum 15 days
foldable wheelchair (different measures depending on weight)

Via Lampedusa, 6 – (+39) 06.8181838
minimum 15 days : foldable wheelchair
Can be returned earlier

M.A.S. SpA
viale Regina Margherita, 158 – (+39) 06.8552834
deposit needed
foldable wheelchair




Via Alderotti , 67 – (+39) 055.4360386

Via Scipione Ammirato, 29R – (+39) 055.677007

Via Tartini, 5D – (+39) 055.360562




Sanitaria ai Miracoli
Cannaregio 6049 – (+39) 041.5203513

Cannaregio 1091/a  – (+39) 041.5239977




Ortopedia Petta
Via Calata di Capodichino 181 – (+39) 081.7510412




  1. Hello
    I am a handicapped person that plan to go to Rome on June 7th for 5 nights. I need to rent a scooter
    and I saw your blog and contact LEA for renting possibility. I wonder if you can help me since I can’t
    speak Italien . The ROMEO type of scooter is ok for me,I just wanted to know the cost and if its possible .


    Shlomo Reichani

  2. We are planning a trip to Venice arriving October 2 and leaving for Madrid on the 6th where we will spend October 6 and leaving there on the 10th for Barcelona where we will be for the nights of October 10,11 & 12 leaving on a cruise out of there on the 13th. We do not speak Italian or Spanish and would like to inquire as to the cost of one of the Romeo type of battery operated chair.

    Michael Harrington

  3. Hi Michael,

    You should be able to write to Lea in English at the following email address and ask your questions: leausili@leausili.it. Even though the website is in Italian, they do have rental agreements in English and so the staff is equipped to handle English speaking requests. Enjoy your trip and if you need assistance with tours in either city, do email us at info@contexttravel.com.

  4. Looking for information for rental fold-up wheelchair, delivery and pickup at Rome hotel 28.09.2013 to 10.10.2013. Please provide cost per day and other requirements and availability.
    Thank you.

  5. I am an above-the knee amputee and walk with a prosthesis. I can only walk distances of less than 1km. I plan to visit Rome, Florence and Venice in October and am interested in renting a scooter with 3 or 4 wheels (a two-wheeled scooter is out of the questions due to compromised balance. What are my options?

    I am traveling with 3 able-bodied individuals who will be walking (pedestrians). What are the rules regarding driving 4-wheeled scooters? Are they driven where pedestrians walk? Or are they driven in traffic? Please advise. Cheers.

  6. Hi Barbara,

    This post was written as something purely informational to give resources on where to rent wheelchair. For specific pricing and quotes, please reach out to the vendors listed directly. They should have no problem answering in English.

  7. I would like to rent an electric scooter for a dissable person in FLORENCE between the 14/ 17 th FEBRUARY 2014. Can anybody recommend me something.

  8. Hi!

    I am looking to renting a collapsible scooter in Italy. This is for April 22nd through April 29th, 2014.

    Please advise. Thank you !

  9. Good morning, I m a visitor to Italy and my manual wheelchair need some repair and servicing. I m currently in Venice and will be traveling to Florence, Naples and Rome. In which of the above places can I get it done?



  10. We are traveling to Rome in October. My husband has Parkinson’s. We carry our own wheelchair and walker but he will need an electric handicap recliner chair to be delivered to our hotel. We will be staying at one of the Marriott’s in Rome.
    Is there a business that provides this type of rental?

  11. I am looking for a very light weight and collapsable wheelchair for our mother who can walk but gets tired. We are flying into florence and will travel around by rental car.

  12. Hello
    Do you know of a company that would deliver a wheelchair to Rome airport FCO and allow us to take it to Tarquinia for a few days? We would want to drop it off at the cruise ship port of Civitivecchia, before boarding our ship.
    Thank you

  13. Hi Lesley,
    The company you would want to contact is Accessible Italy, and their email is info@accessibleitaly.com. They do wheelchair rentals to and from Civitavecchia and would likely be your best bet. They also offer transfers which might be of interest to you. They speak and write in English, so just let them know the logistics of what you are looking for and they can provide you with a quote. I hope this helps!

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