Who needs modern times in London?

The era when modern artists and Expressionist theater influenced the political tone, when women shortened their dresses and bobbed their hair and when couples danced to the frenzied moves of the Lindy Hop or Swing, is recreated in clubs and ballrooms across London every week. History buffs, tourists and 20-something partiers seeking to swap the city’s well-known house music and techno scene for something more retro-jazzy pack regular dances and parties. Among the most popular events that pay homage to the past – from Roaring Twenties to the Forties – is a series of parties dubbed “The Black Cotton Club.”

The Black Cotton Club is on the 2nd Friday of every month at The Volupte Lounge in East London. You can find real 78RPM records spinning from the 20s’ to 40s’ with live bands and people in their vintage outfits dancing to swing, gypsy jazz, race rhythms, viper vibes, bebop rhumba, Charleston jump, cuban cha-cha and burlesque dancers. A real Hollywood movie atmosphere to dive into and forget about the present times.

Along with the Black Cotton Club, and named after Berlin’s infamous Kit Kat Club, there is the  Kit Kat Cabaret. A weekly club which is swathed with decadent delights. Tucked away beneath the bustling central London streets, Cellar Door is the venue to an evening of sexy swing duos, cabaret curiosities, burlesque babes and more. Add to that the fact it’s free and that happy hour on cocktails extend to 8pm and you have the perfect Thursday night package.

So, really, who needs modern times?

The Black Cotton Club, at Volupte Lounge 7-9 Norwich Street, London EC4A 1EJ. Tel +44 020 7831 1622. Every 2nd Fr.    http://www.voluptelounge.com/ http://www.myspace.com/blackcottonclub

Kit Kat Cabaret at CellarDoor, Zero Aldwych, London, WC2E 7DN.