Why our hands-on workshops are great for traveling families

Context has an ever-expanding portfolio of hands-on workshops: a Fresco Workshop in Florence (pictured above), a Mosaic Workshop in Naples and a Drawing Workshop in Rome. Though these workshops are wonderful experiences for travelers of all ages, we have found that they work particularly well for families traveling with children. They offer a moment of reflection and imagination during busy travel itineraries. And isn’t that the true meaning behind a vacation?

All of our workshops follow a similar structure:

– the first 30 minutes of the walk will go over the history of the medium, its practical mechanics and methods of execution

– the artist will then let the creativity of the participants take form and offer assistance and advice throughout (from picking the subject matter to creating color/shading nuances)

Each workshop, however, has its own magical setting:

Fresco Workshop – In a private artist’s studio located in a Renaissance-era palazzo. The roof terrace boasts a breathtaking 360 degree view of the city.

Mosaic Workshop – At the home of our mosaic artist, nestled into the hills over Salerno, just south of the Amalfi Coast.

Drawing Rome Workshop – The airy terrace of the Castel Sant’Angelo – with the Tiber river and all of Rome at your feet.

Since all of these mediums are intrinsically linked to the artistic heritage of their cities, children can make links between what they have seen in churches, chapels and museums, gaining a better understanding and appreciation for the form. Then, during further explorations in town, they can use the practical knowledge they acquired after having created their own personal masterpiece.

Make sure to wrap your artwork in newspaper and/or bubble wrap for the trip home!